Disabled Travel Concession Certificate

S.T. Travel Fare Concession:

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) is giving 75% concession in bus fares to blind, deaf and orthpaedically handicapped persons on production of Identity Card issued by the Social Welfare Officer which is signed and stamped by the Depot Manager of MSRTC Bus Depot. The 50% concession is given to the escort of the disabled persons who can not travel alone and which should also be clearly mentioned in the Identity Card issued by the Social Welfare Officer.

Indian Railways Concession:

Railway concession certificates are issued at the District Civil Hospitals and other notified agencies on the basis of disability certificate, age proof and residence proof (alongwith passport size photographs showing disability clearly).

Sr. No. Category of Persons Percentage Element of Concession
Orthopaedically Handicapped/ Paraplegic persons alongwith an escort (cannot travel without escort) traveling for any purpose. -- 75% in 2nd class, SL, 1st class, 3AC, AC chair car -- 50% in 1AC and 2 AC

-- 25% in 3AC & AC Chair Car of Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains

-- 50% in MST & QST

-- One escort is also eligible for same element of concession
Blind persons traveling alone or with an escort for any purpose.
Mentally retarded persons traveling with an escort for any purpose.
Deaf & Dumb persons (both afflictions together in the same person) traveling alone or with an escort for any purpose. -- 50% in 2nd class, SL, 1st class

-- 50% in MST & QST

-- One escort is also eligible for same element of concession


Railway Concession Forms for Disabled Persons:
> Concession-Certificate-Orthopaedically Handicapped/Paraplegic Persons/Patients (English)
> Concession-Certificate-Orthopaedically Handicapped/Paraplegic Persons/Patients (Hindi)
> Concession-Certificate-Totally Deaf & Dumb Persons
> Concession-Certificate-Mentally Retarded Person (Eenlish)
> Concession-Certificate-Mentally Retarded Persons (Hindi)
> Concession-Certificate-Completetely Blind Person (English)
> Concession-Certificate-Completely Blind Person (Hindi)

Air Travel Concession:

BLIND: The Indian Airlines Corporation and some other private airlines allows 50% concessional fare to Blind persons on single journey or single fare for round trip journey on all domestic flights. To avail this facility, the blind persons have to produce a photocopy of the Medical Certificate, issued by the competent authority, stating that he/she has permanently lost total vision in both eyes. The original should also be kept himself/herself for verification at the time of purchasing the concessional tickets. Medical Certificate must carry the registration number of the Registered Medical Practitioner of the State to which he/she belongs.

The 50% concession admissible to blind people cannot be combined with any other concessional fare.

LOCOMOTOR DISABILITY: Locomotor Disabled persons (80% and above) are allowed the 50% concession of Normal Economy Class INR Fare or Point-to-Point Fare in Indian Airlines and some other private airlines. Full Inland Air Travel Tax and Passenger Service Fee is applicable.