• Provide information to disabled about their rights, and help them to avail benefits that are due to them from the government.

  • Support disabled persons in economic empowerment (monetarily, if needed, liaising for employment, vocational training and housing).

  • Support disabled medically (arranging free or concessional medical help for handicapped persons, provision of appliances for handicaps such as artificial limbs, calipers, crutches, tri-cycles, wheel chairs, etc.).

  • Support disabled persons psychologically by enhancing their social esteem (inspirational lectures, seminars, workshops, cultural programs, sports and other social events).


  • To serve as a forum for disabled persons, to learn, share, and support each other for social and economic empowerment.

  • To create awareness about rights of disabled persons among disabled, community and policy makers, through continuous communications and advocacy.

  • To enhance social and economic wellbeing through active involvement and organized activities.